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Leadership, Ingenuity & Agility

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A leading company is bold, audacious, daring, and sustainable. A catalyst is not a pioneer in everything it does. It is about being bolder and audacious in our approach while remaining relevant to the marketplace. We are a stable driving force which encourages the development of new standards in the industry. We promote sustainable solutions.

An ingenious company is clever, skilful, imaginative, and innovative. Ingenious is about thinking laterally, not literally. Our people are passionate and always keen to share their knowledge and skills. Sometimes this means developing new ideas or applications; other times it implies seeing things differently, with new eyes to find the appropriate solution without compromising quality.
An agile company is fast, adaptable, and flexible. Being agile is about moving faster and adapting to the changing market conditions with more ease. It is also about being flexible according to specific customer requirements, whether in terms of cost efficiency, lead time or product characteristics.